Caring with a smile

It’s not what we do as a home care agency, but how we do it. All of our elderly caregiving services are delivered with a smile. And we all know that a smile can be infectious.

Attentive listener

How do you like things done? Where would you like to go? Listening to your needs, and having conversations with you, helps us make sure we bring you the perfect match.


Whether you just need someone to take you for a walk or a to provide attentive complex caring – we, as a home care agency, can provide a caregiver that is qualified to meet your needs.

Interested in joining a winning team? As a first step towards employment, please complete the information form below. Please note this is not a formal employment application. EROS Healthcare Services, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

EROS Job Application

  • Check the languages you can speak
  • Thank you for taking the time to apply at EROS Healthcare Services, LLC. In an effort to find the very best fit for our company, our applicants must complete a short assessment as a part of the hiring process.

A professional and friendly care provider

At EROS Healthcare Services, LLC., we select Caregivers who are passionate about providing in home care to those in need on a daily basis.

Audrey Skeete

Audrey Skeete

Director of Nursing (New Jersey)

Nurse Skeete will ensure the safety and care of all clients. She is innovative and resourceful and has the ability to work on your goals on a team approach.

Kyra Kemp

Kyra Kemp

Direct Care Professional

At EROS Healthcare Services, LLC, Kyra ensures that each and every client of EROS Healthcare Services, LLC is looked after according to the agency’s core mission, values and vision.

Christina Mitchell

Christina Mitchell

Direct Care Professional

Ms. Mitchell will ensure the safety and comfort of her clients, and she will also not fall short of any expectations that is expected of a Direct Care Professional.

Why Should I apply to EROS Healthcare Services, LLC.?

We care for our clients and our employees. We provide our caregivers with health insurance after qualification, appreciation events, incentives, and extended education and training opportunities.

What types of shifts do you offer?

We are constantly growing and have a wide variety of shifts you can choose from. We have long shifts, short shifts, day shifts, night shifts, transportation shifts and live-ins. We are available 24hrs a day 7 days a week so we are flexible and will work around your schedule.

Where can I work?

We currently have 2 offices; Philadelphia, PA & Maplewood, NJ. You can work for our branch office that is most convenient for you and you can choose the cases that are closer to your home.

Do you hire W-2, 1099, or private contractors?

At EROS Healthcare Services, LLC., you are part of the team. You will be considered an employee of EROS Healthcare Services, LLC which means payroll taxes are automatically deducted from your bi-weekly paycheck and if there are any questions, we are here for you! We are fully bonded and insured and are there for you every step of your employment with us.